2 x Coral Fleece Female Sanitary Dog Undie Underpants Diapers Pants


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This beautiful dog nappy is made of quality coral fleece fabric. It is very durable, hand washable and line dry. All edges are completely bound with the softest polycotton fabric, affording a comfortable fit for your dog. Sizes can be adjusted with a drawstring. It's a really great fashionable addition to the dogs wardrobe.

Eliminates Messes From:

Excitable Urination
Male Marking
Females in Season
Puppies who are not yet housetrained
A sanitary pad may be added for additional security.


  • 2 x Dog Diapers


To ensure an accurate fit, please measure your dog waist correctly guided by picture below,
and compare your measurement with following items measurements. 
SIZE                 WAIST GIRTH (cm)

SMALL                      24cm - 36cm  
MEDIUM                  34cm - 44cm 
LARGE                      40cm - 50cm  

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