Dog Shoes WaterProof Rain Boots Socks Non-slip Rubber Shoes Red M- XL


These stylish doggie Shoes are made of waterproof fabric with non-slip rubber pads on the base of each shoe. They are the great products for keeping dog paws warm in a cold winter season, as well as protecting timber floors and furniture from scratches. These shoes are also the perfect fashion decors to dress up your dog in a party, wedding and special occasions.


  • one set of four dog shoes


    Please measure your dog paws and compare to the sock measurements below to determine the best size.
    We recommend having your dog stand on a piece of paper, trace around the paw and measure the length & width of the paw outline. And choosing the shoe size is slightly bigger than the actual paw size.

    Shoe measurements(external):

    M : 70mm long x 60mm wide

    L : 80mm long x 70mm wide

    XL : 90mm long x 75mm wide

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