Medium Large Breed Dog WaterProof Rain Shoes Non-slip Rubber Boots Socks


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These socks are perfect for medium to large dogs for wearing indoors on cold slippery floors. Your dogs can wear socks too! These waterproof anti-skid dog socks are perfect for:
  • Preventing your dogs from slipping on slick floors
  • Keeping your dog’s paws dry and your little friends comfortable
  • Protecting your dog’s paws from injuries
  • Protecting hardwood floors or furniture from paw scratches
  • Can also prevent excessive paw licking or scratching due to allergies



Product specs: 

  • Polyester


Please measure the dog paws and compare the measurements against below sizing chart for the suitable socks. There are a few different  ways dog owners can measure their dog’s paws for shoes. Keep in mind you need to measure the entire part of their paw that touches the floor or ground, from the back paw pad to the end of the toenails

  • 3# Width 43mm Bottom size 52mm caliber 35mm Total Length 115mm
  • 4# Width 50mm Bottom size 60mm caliber 40mm Total Length 130mm
  • 5# Width 56mm Bottom size 68mm caliber 45mm Total Length 145mm
  • 6# Width 66mm Bottom size 80mm caliber 50mm Total Length 160mm

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